Mother’s Day

A mother’s love for her children: Don’t share your dental anxiety with your kids

    For many of us, our children spent this past weekend professing their love for us.  We care for them, we nurture them, and the days following Mother’s Day is a perfect time to reflect on how our love shapes our children. As mothers, we pass along many of our hopes, dreams, and fears to our children, as well as many of our personality traits.  And we do most of this unconsciously, without even trying. When it comes to […]

A mother’s guilt about dental care

As we rejoice in the aftermath of Mother’s Day, those of us who are moms may find ourselves reflecting on our children, along with our role as their “mama”.  One of the things that many moms feel guilty about is their children’s dental care.  With all of the demands of motherhood – laundry, car-pool, camp sign-up, grocery shopping, meal planning, house cleaning, and breaking up the occasional squabbles between siblings – dental care just doesn’t seem to find its way […]