Children’s dentistry

A mother’s love for her children: Don’t share your dental anxiety with your kids

    For many of us, our children spent this past weekend professing their love for us.  We care for them, we nurture them, and the days following Mother’s Day is a perfect time to reflect on how our love shapes our children. As mothers, we pass along many of our hopes, dreams, and fears to our children, as well as many of our personality traits.  And we do most of this unconsciously, without even trying. When it comes to […]

Easter candy, spring fever and getting my child to brush his teeth

A few 50 degree days, a hint of green in the grass, and stores full of pastel and cute bunny looking chocolates and candies, make us feel like spring has arrived.  Then I see my three year old, who climbed up on the counter, dug into my secret cabinet, and helped himself to the chocolate eggs I was hiding.  And I wonder how I can save his beautiful little teeth. As a parent, I try to instill good oral hygiene […]