Benefits of IV Sedation

Photo by Timsnell

The type of sedation that we do in our office (IV sedation) is also used in many other offices. Not only is IV sedation used for plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and oral surgery, but it is very useful for dentistry. Shamblott Family Dentistry uses IV sedation not only for oral surgery procedures, but also for patients with anxiety or other dental fears.Read this article for more information on IV sedation.

There are many benefits of having IV sedation. People are able to breathe and move on their own, which notifies the doctor and nurse anesthetist that the patient is having discomfort before the patient is even conscious of it. There are less side effects with IV sedation than with general anesthesia. Patients tend to have a lower risk of blood clots, less nausea, and quicker recoveries with IV sedation.

We have seen many patients who have had their work done at our office with IV sedation and had wonderful results. We always work with the same group of nurse anesthetists who take very good care of our patients. If you’re interested in sedation, we would love to meet you!


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