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Piercings may be a prevalent form of body art these days, but have you ever thought about how certain piercings may interfere with your teeth/oral health?  Today there are many different piercings; such as, lip rings, tongue rings, monroe piercings, and angel kiss piercings, that can be done around the lip and mouth area and some of these piercings can hurt your teeth.

Out of all the different facial piercings, the lip and tongue piercings have the highest risk of harming your teeth. Accidents most often occur when people bite down on the metal piercing, or when they are playing with the piercing in their mouth. Chipped teeth can easily happen when a person has piercing on the lip or tongue area. Dr. Shamblott himself says he has seen many patients who have come in with their tongue pierced and had a chip or cracked tooth that needed a root canal and crown to fix the tooth.

Not only can these piercings create problems with your oral health, but they can also cause bacterial infections, changes in taste, allergic reactions, and muscle damage. If you have a piercing that is located close to your mouth make sure you see your dentist regularly to diagnose any potential problems.

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