How to Choose Mouthwash by Shamblott Family Dentistry

Photo by SimonQe

Did you know that recipes for bad breath and teeth cleaning have been dated back to ancient Egyptian cultures? It’s been said that some of the ingredients used were fruit, dried flowers, and even charcoal! Of course there is no credible evidence that any of these products were truly helpful with oral hygiene.

As for mouthwash, the most recent development has been linked back to the late 1800’s. The first formulas of mouthwashes contained a lot of alcohol (this was used to stabilize the formula), but today mouthwash can be made with alternative products that contain germ-killing capability. There are many different kinds of mouthwashes on the market now; such as, mouthwash for sensitive teeth and also some with extra fluoride to prevent decay.

It’s great to see that people many years ago were interested in keeping a healthy smile. Let’s keep it up with all the new products we have available now!

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