Halloween Candy Buy-Back 2018

Halloween 2018Halloween Candy Buy Back

It’s that time of year again; Halloween! We love seeing kids dressed up, collecting candy and having fun. Trick-or-Treating brings back fun and funny memories for us and we hope today’s children are able to create great memories of their own from their Halloween experiences.

As children collect candy, many parents are thinking about how to spirit that same candy away from the kids without letting them consume it all. Some parents want to eat the candy themselves (who, me?), while others are hoping to toss it or destroy it in some way.

At Shamblott Family Dentistry, we offer an alternative! Our 10th Annual Halloween Candy Buy Back offers trick-or-treaters $1 per pound for their candy (with a five pound maximum per person).  Kids can sell us their candy, get a little cash to play with and know that their candy will get shipped to Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sorts and packages the candy then sends it to US military personnel around the world. Our troops eat some and share some with people in their local community – which helps them make friends with people around the world.

This year (2018), we’ll be accepting candy on Thursday, November 1, 4:00-7:00pm.  Please stop by our Hopkins office (33 Tenth Avenue South, Suite 250) and drop off your haul. Together, we can make our military volunteers happier and your children’s teeth healthier!