Canker Sore Information from Shamblott Family Dentistry

Photo by Matsuyuki

Have you or someone you know ever had a canker sore??  We will try and inform you on what exactly they are and how they occur!

A canker sore is a lesion that develops in your mouth or gums. They can get in the way of simple tasks like talking and eating, but they are not contagious (unlike cold sores). Usually, canker sores will go away within a week or two on their own.

How do you know if you have a canker sore?  Canker sores can vary in form, but some symptoms include: unfamiliar lesions, irregular edges, or painful and annoying lumps. The exact cause of canker sores is unclear, but some things known to cause them are stress, food allergies, or minor injuries.

People who are most susceptible for developing canker sores are females or those with a family history of canker sores.  There are over the counter treatments that can be purchased; such as, Cankaid, or topical pastes that include benzocaine. If a canker sore is not healing, or you are getting them often you should see your dentist for other recommendations.

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