Fun Foods at the Fair

It’s that time of the year again…the new school year starts soon along with the State Fair. With all the yummy choices at the fair it’s hard to make healthy selections for you and your teeth! We don’t want anyone to have a dental emergency while at the fair, so we put together a list of the unhealthiest and healthiest fair foods.

Here’s what we found:

-Some of the unhealthiest (lots of sugar and calories) foods at the fair are the sweet treats – the deep fried candy bars, batter-fried Twinkies, and funnel cakes.

-Other things high up on the list are the fried goodies – French fries, foot long corn dog, and the bloomin’ onion.


Trying to eat healthy this year at the fair? Try these items:

-Grilled corn on the cob

-Mario’s Pitas

-Caribbean Smoothie

-Taco’s Express with grilled chicken


We wish you all a fun time and a happy end of the summer!


All of us at Shamblott Family Dentistry

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