Giving Back to Veterans – Free, One Day, Dental Clinic

Larry Volk Free, One Day, Dental ClinicWatch the MyFOXTwinCities Video story (below) of Larry Volk and his day of Free Dental Care during ‘Operation Open Wide.’

“It’s one day, but we made a difference,” Dr. Shamblott said. “We made the lives of 15 people better. And the 15 people whose lives we made better, they make my life better. They preserved my freedom. It’s the least I can do to say thank you.”

Dr. Shamblott worked with a group called Beyond the Yellow Ribbon to find veterans whose  coverage didn’t extend to dental care to provide a Free, One Day, Dental Clinic for U.S. Military Veterans. The pro bono services are very much appreciated by veterans like Larry Volk, who haven’t always been met with open arms…