Dental Tips for the Early Ages

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During the month of September we will be talking about dentistry throughout the different ages of life. We will start with babies and infants and let you know what to expect at this age, some common habits of infants, and how to avoid decay at an early age!

If your child is nursing, you can possibly prevent decay by filling your child’s bed-time bottle with only water. If your child has a habit of sucking their thumb or pacifier you usually don’t have to worry! These habits typically only become a problem if they continue for a long period of time and most children quit these habits on their own. Children should start to see the dentist around age three for routine cleanings and exams once every six months.

As for home care, parents will want to begin cleaning their children’s gums right away. This can be done by using a cloth and water, or by using a soft infant toothbrush. Once the teeth are erupted, you will want to help your child brush twice a day. At this age children do not have the ability to brush effectively, so helping them will be very important!

Hope this blog was helpful to those with youngsters! You can check out our next blog to find out more info on dentistry for children between ages 5-15.


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