Tips to Decrease Dental Fear from Shamblott Family Dentistry

Photo by Wellesley Dental Group

Dental fear is a very common fear that leads individuals to avoid the dentist. Dental fear most commonly comes from unpleasant past experiences, or from horror stories that have been passed down from person to person. Some of the most common dental fears include: fear of needles or the injection, fear of the anesthetic not working, or the fear of becoming numb or dizzy. Often times the feeling of helplessness when lying in the chair and not knowing what’s happening can cause fear as well. One common misconception is that all dental procedures are painful…but they don’t have to be!

Here are some distractions to try:

  • Bring a magzine or headphones/i-pod with you
  • Try relaxation teachniques – Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly
  • Opt for nitrous oxide – laughing gas
  • Watch a movie (at our office) while the procedure is being done
  • Ask about sedation dentistry – let us do the work while you sleep

Recent surveys suggest that patients anticipate dental procedures to be worse, or more painful than they actually are. Make sure to always ask questions and tackle your fear head on!

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