Sedation Dentistry

Benefits of IV Sedation

Photo by Timsnell The type of sedation that we do in our office (IV sedation) is also used in many other offices. Not only is IV sedation used for plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, and oral surgery, but it is very useful for dentistry. Shamblott Family Dentistry uses IV sedation not only for oral surgery procedures, but also for patients with anxiety or other dental fears.Read this article for more information on IV sedation. There are many benefits of having IV […]

Sleep Away Your Fears

Photo by MaryLane Thinking about sedation?  If you are fearful of coming to the dentist, have a busy schedule, or have difficulty getting numb, sedation may be just the solution for you! There are many great reasons to have your dental work done with sedation. You will not remember or feel a thing and you can do up to six hours of dentistry while sedated.  Many years of missed appointments (up to eight separate appointments) can be made up in […]