Dental Emergencies

Why We Aren’t Open 24 x 7

People often ask us why we aren’t open 24 hours a day to address emergency dental issues? We would love to be open 24/7 to take care of every dental patient who wants our help, at any time of the day or night.  That’s our dream but, so far, we can’t figure out a way to make it happen.  Why?  Because we can’t find a dentist who will work overnights, or Sundays, and will treat patients the way we want […]

Self Care for a Toothache

What are your teeth saying? When a tooth hurts, it’s trying to tell you something. Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong.  A toothache is your body telling you to make an appointment with your dentist.  Your dentist needs to take x-rays and examine your teeth to figure out what’s causing your pain, and recommend treatment to get rid of the pain. If you have to wait for an appointment, temporary pain relief treatments may help until your […]

A Story For All

We see a lot of patients at Shamblott Family Dentistry who begin coming to our office with a dental emergency. We have been able to help those patients get out of pain the same day and also get them back to our office to finish the remainder of their work. We have excellent team members who are patient and understanding and we always try to accommodate patients in emergency situations. Here is a testimonial from one of our actual patients […]

Dental Emergencies

Have you ever had a dental emergency??  One in every four people will have a dental emergency at least once in their lifetime. Dental emergencies can be very painful and should not be over-looked. There are a number of things that qualify as an emergency. Some of these things include: a toothache, wisdom teeth pain, a lost crown, a broken tooth, or a lost filling. Some injuries can be prevented by wearing mouth guards during sports and avoiding hard foods […]