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Dental Myths & Dental Facts

Dental Myths Debunked by Dr. Shamblott Dental Myth: Only the sugar in sweets and desserts are bad for teeth. Dental Fact: Many foods have natural sugars in them. Both natural and processed sugars can cause tooth decay if they stay on teeth. It is important to limit the amount of sweets you consume and to brush and floss twice a day. back to top Dental Myth: There is no need to brush baby teeth. Dental Fact: Even though all of […]

Sedation Dentistry Seminar April 15

Afraid of the Dentist? Join our Sedation Dentistry Seminar on April 15 and Fear No More Do you have dental concerns that you avoid because you can’t get yourself to make a dental appointment? Does the thought of having a dentist work on your teeth make you feel paralyzed? Dental Fear is Common… You are Not Alone. Dental phobia or dental fear prevents people from receiving necessary routine dental care, potentially compromising the health and functionality of their mouth and […]

Teeth Obsession? Blog from Shamblott Family Dentistry

Photo by CelebfanIz215 We all know that most people do not like going to the dentist, but we wonder if there are some people who are addicted to keeping up a healthy smile. We’ve heard of obsessive compulsive disorder, but can people be obsessed with their oral hygiene? Look what we’ve found… In an article on obsession with teeth, a woman discusses how she brushes her teeth a minimum of five times per day! She brushes after each meal or […]