Community Events

Halloween Candy Buy Back

At Shamblott Family Dentistry we understand that Halloween is a big event in the lives of kids. Kids dress up as ghosts, goblins, princesses, and ninja turtles and run from house to house collecting candy in their plastic pumpkins. Kids love candy, but candy is bad for their teeth. Their plastic pumpkin full of candy bars will send them right to our dental chairs where they will need to have decay removed and restore their teeth with fillings. Shamblott Family Dentistry […]

A Visit to ISLA

One of our dental hygienists, Anne, made a trip to a local school to talk to the students about oral hygiene. Anne visited ISLA (International Spanish Language Academy) in Minnetonka on Thursday, May 5th and Monday, May 9th. During her visits, Anne talked to the students about the difference between healthy and unhealthy food and beverage choices. She brought in different beverage options to show the children how much sugar can be in drinks. Shamblott Family Dentistry donated toothpaste, floss, […]