Ask Dr. S

Ask Dr. S: Can kissing your baby can make them more susceptible to cavities?

If you have a sweet little one you love, it’s hard not kiss them all the time, especially when they learn to kiss you back on the lips.  You blow on their food or take a quick bite to make sure it isn’t too hot using the same utensil you are feeding them with, all in the name of being a responsible, good, loving parent.   As you do these things, you pass along saliva that contains bacteria, both good and […]

Ask Dr. S: Why do I need to tell my dentist if I am on a calcium replacement?

Aging causes our bones to lose density and strength.  Calcium builds and maintains stronger bones and teeth.  It is recommended people between the ages of 18-20 get 1,000 mg/day and 1,200 mg from ages 50-70 to keep bones healthy.  Many people take simple supplements or chocolaty chews, as many times diet alone won’t have enough calcium to fulfill this requirement. For some postmenopausal women, the addition of calcium supplements to their diet is not enough.  These women have a high […]

Ask Dr. S: What is oral cancer and why is a screening necessary?

Oral cancers can be growths or sores in the mouth or neck area that just won’t go away.  They can be anywhere on the lips, cheek, tongue, floor or roof of the mouth, in the hard or soft palate, sinuses, neck  or throat.  When a person visits the dentist, the dentist will not only check their teeth, but their entire mouth and oral health as well.  Part of that check is a screening for oral cancers.  Just like any cancer, […]

What Is Supernumerary?

Photo by mmmcrafts Have you heard the term supernumerary before? Supernumerary (hyperdontia) is an extra copy of one or more teeth. It occurs most common in people with a cleft palate or cleft lip, but can also be due to the environment, genes, or injuries. Usually, it is recommended to have supernumerary teeth removed and orthodontic treatment started. The removal of teeth is necessary for a normal bite relationship between the upper and lower arches. There are also cases where […]