Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry isn’t just for people with severe dental phobia or fears.  There are several other situations in which sedation dentistry with a certified registered nurse anesthetist offers an excellent alternative to Novocain.

  • People with a strong gag reflex: Some people cannot tolerate even the smallest instrument in their mouths.  Sedation dentistry helps patients relax so they aren’t bothered by instruments, X-ray sensors and other items used during dental procedures.
  • People needing extensive dental surgery:  Removing impacted wisdom teeth, placing dental implants…some procedures may be more comfortable if conducted under sedation. Some patients also feel more comfortable and confident undergoing root canal treatments with sedation. It’s a personal choice, but many people prefer some level of sedation during extractions or oral surgery.
  • Busy people:  Professionals and others with a busy schedule may prefer a single, extended appointment to complete their dental work instead of multiple appointments spread over several days or weeks.  Sedation dentistry allows hours of work to be done in a single appointment, saving time for those patients who value every minute in their day.

Everyone should feel comfortable during dental appointments and procedures. Whether you identify with any of the conditions listed above or you suffer from dental phobias or fears, sedation dentistry offers a viable alternative to typical anesthetics.

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