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Dr. Shamblott and His Daughter Discuss Children’s Dentistry

Did you happen to catch Dr. Shamblott and his daughter Rachel on Twin Cities on Tuesday? They were discussing children’s dentistry and how to make going to the dentist fun. If you missed the show, you can click here to watch it.

Rachel demonstrated proper brushing technique while Dr. Shamblott discussed the proper amount of time everyone should be brushing. Rachel had a light up toothbrush that stays lit for 1 minute (which is just enough time to spend on the upper teeth). Then you should set the timer for 1 more minute and brush the lower teeth.

Here are some of Dr. Shamblott’s tips on introducing the dentist to your children:

· Start talking about going to dentist at home with your children

· Talk positive about the dental experience

· Don’t transfer your fear of the dentist to your children

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